Safein MVP is Now Live and Token Generation Event To Start April 2018
E-commerce is one Industry that Blockchain technology could have a huge effect on, having many areas with unfulfilled potential. Improvements in areas of e-commerce such ... - 6 min ago
Archos Shocks the World by Announcing a Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet
Cryptocurrency hardware wallets are in rather high demand right now. Obtaining such devices can take some time, as manufacturers can’t always keep up with the deman... - 36 min ago
Blockchain Based Virtual Reality Startup ImmVRse Sponsors Biggest Blockchain Investor In Europe’s...
The Blockchain sector is getting bigger everyday. This summer, in June, The London Tech Festival will be host to a large presence of blockchain based businesses and start... - 1 hr 6 min ago
Top 3 Cardano Wallet Options
No one will deny Cardano has become a rather popular cryptocurrency over the past few months. Consequently, a lot of users are looking for ways to store their ADA balance... - 1 hr 36 min ago
Thought you knew iGaming tech? Then you haven’t heard of Truegame
Truegame is about to reintroduce innovative new iGaming concepts the likes of which have never been seen before, with a unique smart contract-enabled platform. To fully d... - 2 hr 6 min ago
What Is Ethos?
A project that goes by the name of Ethos sounds like something very philosophical. The mission of the Ethos team is not all that different, as they aim to provide a peopl... - 2 hr 36 min ago
NAGA starts pre-registration for NAGA Debit Card
25 February 2018 NAGA has officially started the pre-registration for its fully-functioning, crypto-friendly NAGA Debit Card. There are 10,000 pre-registration slots avai... - 3 hr 6 min ago
Eidoo Brings a Hybrid Exchange and Multicurrency Wallet to the Cryptocurrency World
As the crypto world continues to expand, it’s becoming clear that there won’t be a single universal cryptocurrency. While Bitcoin remains one of the more popular digital ... - 3 hr 36 min ago
Miner Hunt: Nanopool Completely Eliminates Fees from SiaCoin
The 700,000 SiaCoin from Nanopool’s previous campaign are still fresh on the blockchain and the pool’s developers have already launched a new one. This time, in a push to... - 4 hr 6 min ago
Litecoin Price Surges After big dip to $183
With all cryptocurrencies going down a slippery slope again right night, it is evident the market volatility will not disappear anytime soon.  Despite this obvious negati... - 5 hr 16 min ago
DNotesEDU Prioritizes Investor Protection in Cryptocurrency Education
Cryptocurrency education platform DNotesEDU has announced a massive upgrade, offering expanded content that provides entry level educational material focusing on cryptocu... - 13 hr 36 min ago
50+ Bitcoins Total Jackpot at Bitcoin Casino US
Striking it rich online is more than possible at an establishment like This bitcoin casino has many games that feature a progressive pot—meaning that th... - 14 hr 36 min ago
South Korean Regulators Inch Closer to Legalizing Bitcoin
The cryptocurrency situation in South Korea is constantly evolving. For the longest time, people have awaited official regulatory guidelines. They are slowly coming to fr... - 21 hr 36 min ago
Bitcoin Price Dips Below $10,000 as Next Bearish Wave Materializes
It has become painfully evident this weekend will not be a good one for the cryptocurrency markets. If the retracing Bitcoin price is any indication, the next 48 hours ma... - 21 hr 43 min ago
Tezos Investors May Finally Receive Their Tokens Soon
The Tezos debacle has gone on for quite some time now. It seems investors may finally have a solution within reach. With the Tezos Foundation Board being reshuffled a bit... - 22 hr 36 min ago
Introducing BaapPay
The reality is that most businesses today  do not have the necessary tools needed to seamlessly accept both fiat and cryptocurrency. Nor are business willing to accept th... - 23 hr 2 min ago
EtherParty Announces New ICO Platform for Blockchain Startups
Crowdfunding and cryptocurrency can form an intriguing and powerful combination over time. Rather than rely on ICOs in their current form, EtherParty is ready to take thi... - 23 hr 36 min ago
Crisp, A Simple, Fun Way to Talk With Your ICO clients
Customers in the bitcoin world and technology are growing impatient daily. As online shopping continues to grow, the buyers’ habits continue to evolve. Today, one o... - 23 hr 45 min ago
New Customer Focused Crypto Exchange Quifas to Start Token Sale on March 9
Quifas, an upcoming crypto exchange with an extraordinary focus on customer service, is all set to start a token sale campaign on March 9. Unlike the existing large excha... - 23 hr 51 min ago
ICO Campaign Starts for FOLK COIN, a Cryptocurrency Created to Maximize the Benefits of People an...
FOLK COIN, a new cryptocurrency created specifically for the end-users, has just started their ICO campaign that will comprise of ten different stages and run over a maxi... - 23 hr 54 min ago

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